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Decision Paralysis...What is it and how can we avoid it when planning our Wedding?!

Decision Paralysis

What is it? You’re engaged! It’s an exciting time in your life. You have made the decision to spend your life with one person you love more than anything. Seems like that would be the most difficult decision and everything else should be easy street, right? Well, when planning your dream wedding, that decision might feel like the easiest one you’ve ever had to make. LOL. It can be hard to figure out where to start in your wedding planning journey. Let us help break down some key things to remember that might help get you on your way:

1. Wedding Chat - Time to sit down with your Honey and talk about what you both want on your wedding day. You may be on the same page on a lot of it or a have a world of difference. Maybe your love tells you “this is your day, whatever makes you happy!” Sounds sweet, but might actually make you feel more stressed. I suggest trying to at least come up with an overall vibe you would both like. Break it down into bite size pieces. Maybe you both want a laid back, fun dance party. Or maybe it’s important to make certain family members feel special. If you aren’t big partiers, maybe just a small ceremony with an intimate reception to follow. Whatever you both come up with are your building blocks. It might take more than one beer or coffee discussion to get through the foundation for the day.

2. Next up, BUDGET. Oof…and you thought the vibe talk would be hard. Whether you have family members offering to pitch in or you two are paying for everything on your own, it is important to discuss what you both feel comfortable spending on this Love Fest. An overall budget number is a good thing to have even if money is no object. It will help you allocate what percentage of the pie you need for each vendor. This number might change down the road, but it’s good to get the conversation over in the beginning before you start spending.

3. VENUE! This will be the most important part in the beginning of planning. If you have always dreamed of having a Taco Truck at your wedding, you will have to pick a venue that allows outside vendors. Prefer to find a one stop shop? Maybe you look at Hotels or Event Centers where your tables, chairs, bar, food, etc. are all included in one bill. Looking at Wineries for that dreamy vineyard photo op, make sure the venue allows other beverages if you want a Full Bar (a lot of Wineries in California have liquor licenses that do not allow liquor and in some cases, not even beer). Venue cost and inclusions will also be a huge consideration. Before you fall in love and sign on the dotted line, take into account how much rentals will cost for a venue that only offers space, and you have to bring in everything else. Your venue will determine what other vendors you need to research and any additional costs you need to consider.

4. Ok, Venue Booked…now…everything else. Our biggest recommendation is to work on one vendor at a time and celebrate checking each one off your list! You will feel like you are accomplishing what needs to get done without overwhelming yourself. This should be a fun time of designing your perfect day (unless doing so is not your jam, in which case…hire a Wedding Planner and have them do the work LOL).

Biggest takeaways, enjoy this time as an engaged couple. Make it fun! Maybe even have date nights where you open a bottle of wine and go through some of the wins for the week in the wedding planning process. Getting married is exciting and so special. The last thing you want to do is create wedding planning fatigue and hate the process. It won’t all be fun, but it is manageable! At the end of it all, keep in mind you are creating a special day for the two of you to celebrate your love and life with your friends and family. The biggest step is getting started so jump right in with two feet. We know you can do it (and if you need a little help, give us a call…we are here for you)!

xoxo, Janelle

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