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How a Wedding Coordinator can help with the "What Ifs"

Let's say you think you have everything planned out...the perfect venue, the best food, the DJ that will rock the house all night long, but you keep having pangs of anxiety telling you that you aren't sure you have thought of everything that "could happen" on your Wedding Day. These moments are where the knowledge that an experienced Wedding Planner or Coordinator is worth every penny. Here are the top three ways that a Wedding Coordinator can help lower your blood pressure and help you enjoy your big day:

  1. Walk through at the Venue - An early walk through at your venue with your planner or coordinator helps alleviate the stress of the worst case scenarios. Planning a wedding in November and you aren’t sure if it might rain? You and your Coordinator can map out where the ceremony and reception will take place if rain is in the forecast. Not sure you want to rent a tent quite yet? We can talk to some vendors and see what their tent reservation process and cancellation policy is, inventory and how soon in advance we need to secure the tent if rain is a strong possibility. What if the band’s equipment blows the breakers or there is a power outage. We should talk about whether we should have backup generators just in case!

  2. Monthly Check In Calls - Are you having trouble nailing down those last few vendors or not sure what else you should be booking? Let’s say you are getting married at a private residence and realized you probably need help with bartending and bussing. Your planner can advise you on Event Staffing options. You don’t know how many people you need or for how long? Don’t think you want cocktail servers but prefer to not have everyone pumping the keg on their own to grab a drink? We can talk through what your vision for the day is and how that looks when it comes to hiring help.

  3. Day Of Assistance - Your Planner is there to “run” the day and make sure that everything goes smoothly. We can troubleshoot any issues that come up (most of which you probably won’t notice or even have to worry about) and resolve them efficiently and calmly so you can enjoy the day stress free. At the end of your wedding day, all we want you to focus on how much fun you had, how much love you feel from your partner, family and friends and how good it felt to just relax and let someone else take the reins.

Ready to chat and see how we can help you figure out all of the “what ifs”? Fill out the Inquiry Form on the 'Contact' page so we can set up a call to see how we can help your wedding day be beautiful and stress free!

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