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Welcome to my Wedding Planners Guide Blog!


If you haven't guessed yet, my name is Janelle and I love everything Weddings! Weddings are my passion, my love, the movies I love to cry over on a Saturday night!

Have you ever had that friend that you call when you are planning a birthday party or even a dinner party and she had the answers you needed? She is basically your personal Pinterest board that can tell you exactly how to cook a roast, set a table, how to design an invitation, create a gorgeous tablescape or tell you the latest trends. THAT'S ME! Friends would describe me as the "hostess with the mostest" and the girl you want around when you are looking for someone to plan your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, engagement party or even Friendsgiving.

I already have a very active Instagram Account with cool tips, but I thought why not have a blog that people can get all this fun info direct without the middle man. Lol.

Follow along and check out some of my helpful tips and tricks to make planning your wedding fun!

Cheers to weddings!!!


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