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Guest Book Ideas...(when you don't love a typical guest book)...

I had a meeting with one of my amazing couples recently and they were struggling with what to do about a Guest Book. They love the idea of memorizing the day with some sort of written messages, but are an out of the box couple that can’t see ever looking at a boring guestbook after the wedding (except maybe once to read what everyone wrote). We had a great meeting and I was able to help them brain storm on fun and different ideas I have seen to assist them with some choices. I figured if they were struggling, I am sure others are too so here are my Top Ten Guest Book Ideas (that aren’t a Book):

1. Jenga – If you are your Honey are prone to having game nights or are a little competitive, have your guests write on Jenga pieces that you will look at every time you pull them out for a game!

2. Leave a Message - Telephone Guest books are a fun way for guests to record a personal message that couples can listen to anytime they are feeling a little nostalgic.

3. Coffee Table Book – Your Engagement Photos can be made into a fun coffee table book that guests can sign! Alternatively, you can choose your favorite travel book, Bible, or whatever hobby book you and your love enjoy!

4. Framed Photo – Be it a photo of you as a couple or your Wedding Welcome Sign, you can have guests sign the perimeter of the photo mat and then hang on your wall at home!

5. Polaroid Guest Book - This one is always a fun option for guests to take a fun photo of themselves and then write a message along with it!

6. Wooden Hearts – You can find pre-cut wooden hearts and a shadow box frame online where guests can sign their name and then slip into the frame as a way to document who was there!

7. Custom Jersey – If you and your beloved are huge sports fans, have guests sign either a personalized jersey or your favorite player. After the wedding, you can frame the jersey and display in your home where you watch games.

8. Post Cards – You can purchase a selection of postcards from your favorite places to travel and have guests write you marriage tips or well wishes on the post cards. They are compact and can be looked at on Anniversaries!

9. Record – Pick either the record of your Wedding Song or have a personalized record made for guests to sign. You can display the record either in a frame or on a wall to enjoy anytime!

10. Globe – If you are traveling buffs, buy a pretty globe and have guests sign the globe!

I hope these ideas help! Or at least get your creative juices flowing! Enjoy!

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