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A la carte packages offer couples the flexibility to customize their wedding planning experience by selecting individual services à la carte, based on their specific needs and preferences. Instead of opting for a comprehensive package, couples can choose only the services they require, allowing for a more tailored and cost-effective approach to wedding planning.

All The Final Details

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Here are some examples of services that may be offered in an a la carte package:

  1. Vendor Sourcing: Assistance with finding and selecting vendors such as florists, photographers, caterers, musicians, and more. We can provide recommendations based on the couple's style, budget, and preferences.

  2. Budget Consultations: Guidance and advice on creating and managing a wedding budget. We can help couples prioritize expenses, negotiate contracts, and find ways to maximize their budget while achieving their desired vision.

  3. Venue Scouting: Assistance with researching and touring potential wedding venues. We can help couples find venues that match their vision, style, and guest count, and provide guidance on contract negotiations and logistics.

  4. Timeline Creation: Development of a detailed timeline for the wedding day, outlining the sequence of events and coordinating with vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly.

  5. RSVP Management: Management of RSVPs and guest lists, including tracking RSVPs, managing guest counts, and coordinating with vendors and venues to finalize details.

  6. Rehearsal Dinner Coordination: Planning and coordination of the rehearsal dinner, including venue selection, menu planning, and logistics management.

  7. Décor and Design Assistance: Guidance and assistance with wedding décor and design, including theme development, color palettes, and décor sourcing. We can provide recommendations for décor vendors, assist with décor setup and styling, and ensure that the overall design vision is cohesive and well-executed.

By selecting services from an a la carte menu, couples can create a personalized wedding planning experience that meets their specific needs, preferences, and budget constraints. This flexible approach allows couples to have greater control over their wedding planning process while still benefiting from the expertise and guidance of a professional wedding planner.

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