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A full-service wedding planning package offers comprehensive assistance and support throughout every stage of the wedding planning process, from initial conception to the actual day of the wedding. This type of package is ideal for couples who prefer to have professional guidance and expertise to handle all aspects of their wedding, allowing them to relax and enjoy the journey without the stress of managing every detail themselves.

Starting at $8,000+

From The Beginning

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Here's what you can typically expect from a full-service wedding planning package:

  1. Initial Consultation: We will meet with the you to discuss your vision, preferences, budget, and any specific requirements or expectations you may have for your wedding.

  2. Venue Selection and Booking: We will assist in finding the perfect venue for the ceremony and reception based on your preferences, style, and budget. We will also negotiate contracts and handle all the necessary paperwork.

  3. Vendor Selection and Management: We will recommend and coordinate with a variety of vendors, including florists, photographers, caterers, musicians, etc. We will help schedule appointments, review contracts, and ensure that all vendors are aligned with your vision.

  4. Budget Management: We will help you establish a realistic budget for your wedding and provide guidance on how to allocate funds effectively. We will track expenses, offer cost-saving tips, and ensure that the budget is adhered to throughout the planning process.

  5. Design and Décor Assistance: We will work closely with you to create a cohesive design concept for the wedding, including color schemes, themes, and décor elements. We will help source and coordinate all décor items to bring the vision to life.

  6. Timeline and Logistics Planning: We will create a detailed timeline for the wedding day, outlining the schedule of events and coordinating all logistical details, such as transportation, setup, and breakdown.

  7. Wedding Day Coordination: On the day of the wedding, we will oversee all aspects of the event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly according to plan. We will manage vendors, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and ensure that you and their guests have a memorable and stress-free experience.

Overall, a full-service wedding planning package provides couples with comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire wedding planning process, allowing them to relax and enjoy their special day knowing that every detail has been taken care of by a professional.

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What You Need to Know

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